The NC TWC Survey is a statewide survey of school based licensed educators to determine if they have the supports necessary for effective teaching. Developed in the Office of the Governor as part of the Governor's Teacher Working Conditions Initiative (2002-2008), the work continues with the biennial statewide survey out of the NC Department of Public Instruction. The results of this survey are one component of the on-going process for collaborative school and district improvement plans. Results are also used as artifacts in the educator and administrator evaluation instruments in our state.

During the four week window the survey is administered, educators may complete the survey anytime, from any Internet location, using an anonymous password. 

Results from the survey are posted online for schools and districts that meet the minimum threshold of 40% response and at least 5 respondents. These results, as well as the results for the state, are posted approximately five weeks after the survey closes. The 2012, 2010 and 2008  NC TWC Surveys resulted in more than 100,000 educators responding to each iteration of the survey. To view the results from only 2012 for the state, districts, and/or schools, please click on the 'historical' tab located at the top of the page. 


"Results from past years' NC TWC Surveys have provided education policymakers and school leaders a robust roadmap to guide positive change and strengthen professional development, school improvement plans and teacher and administrator evaluations," said State Superintendent June Atkinson. "I encourage all teachers and school administrators in North Carolina to take this survey and make their mark on education in our state. I encourage all teachers and school administrators in North Carolina to take this survey and make their mark on education in our state. " - State Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson

"The North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey fits in naturally with the culture of our school. We are a data driven bunch! We look at behavior data monthly through our Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports Team. Each teacher has a data wall in his/her classroom to help students take responsibility in setting and achieving their own goals. Students have data notebooks that allow them to reflect on their individual learning process. We stress 100% participation in the NCTWCS because we know that data begins with understanding but ends with action. Your collective voice on this survey results in change at both the district and state level. It is well worth your time!" - Valerie Hawthorne



Previous findings, as well as nationwide research, show that teaching conditions are positively associated with improved student achievement and teacher retention. The NC TWC Survey provides educators with data, tools and direct support to facilitate school improvement. NC TWC Survey includes questions on the following topics:

Every school that reached the minimum response rate threshold of 40% (and a minimum of 5 respondents) will be able to use its own data in school improvement planning. 


  • Community Engagement and Support
  • Teacher Leadership
  • School Leadership
  • Managing Student Conduct
  • Use of Time
  • Professional Development
  • Facilities and Resources
  • Instructional Practices and Support
  • New Teacher Support