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Thank you to the more than 101,000 educators for taking the 2016 NCTWCS Survey

Congratulations to the Schools that achieved 100% Response Rate 

To recognize schools with 100 percent participation, the NC Department of Public Instruction partnered with the North Carolina Business Committee for Education and, in particular, BB&T, California Casualty, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Duke Energy and Lenovo, and the North Carolina Association for Educators (NCAE) to award those schools prizes and monetary incentives. Award presentations were held at the school and delivered personally by staff of the Department of Public Instruction and its sponsors in May and June.  Please click on the schools below to view pictures of the presentations.

The following schools received a $1,000 cash prize for being selected as “firsts” in our state:


The following schools were randomly selected through a live drawing held on Monday, May 9.


 The taping of the Department's live drawing can be found by clicking here.  


The following schools received a $750 cash prize: 


These schools will receive a sponsor prize valued at $500:


Valerie Hawthorne, this year's logo designer, will also receive a small cash prize.